Crystals: Help with Addiction

Help with Addiction

When we think of the word addiction, we often think of a drug addict or alcoholic but addiction can be far more reaching than just drugs or alcohol. However crystals for healing can help us all overcome our addictions.

Addiction is the excessive use or abuse and dependency of many substances and stimuli such as:

  • Food
  • Sex
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Shopping
  • Chocolate
  • and drugs as well as many others.

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How do we become addicted?

Addictions can have both physical and psychological dependencies.

Much addiction, in fact many psychological disorders, have their roots in painful childhood experiences. These experiences are firmly rooted in the subconscious and activate when a trauma or event occurs in our growing years or adulthood.

It is like a switch on a tape recorder that switches itself on, in or around a traumatic event. However in the growing years or adulthood, the consciousness does not know how to handle the event and turns to escapism to remedy the issue.

That escapism can then turn to excess or abuse if the root matter is not resolved, leading to addiction.

According to a study undertaken by the National Academy of Sciences, adolescents and adults are more likely to become addicted to something if they were sexually or physically abused, humiliated, as a child or if their parents themselves were substance abusers.

Studies on Addiction 

In recent studies it has been shown that the children of alcoholic parents are four to five times more liable to become alcohol dependent than among those with non-alcoholic parents. The same statistics apply to drug addicted parents and children.

The overwhelming desire to escape the pain of the inner child is so great that we no longer consider the danger of the act and when the dopamine hit is activated it then reveals whether we are hardwired for crystals for healingaddictive tendencies or not.

Hence how some people can drink and not become alcoholics and others cannot.

Some drugs are slightly different as they have been designed to trigger the dopamine response and over stimulate the neuro transmitters which therefore causes an insatiable cycle that leads to physical dependence on the drug.

We also must consider the whole aspect of Energy and Light on this addiction phenomenon.

As an Energy worker and Light worker I see people every day who are so shadowed in their darkness and addiction that they have lost their connection to Source.

This is also a very effective ploy of the dark energies as, the longer we can be consumed by our darkness and addictions, our Pineal Gland remains closed and therefore cannot receive the help we need from Source.

It is not Source has disconnected from us, rather we have closed our connection to Source in our bid to remain in our addictive behaviour. In our bid to escape.

If you ever consider the alcoholic or the drug addict, they are out of their heads in fact they are out of their minds and their Spirit energy is trapped within. They become drones in the dark lord’s army.

It is very difficult to accept that we may have a problem.

Addiction Signs

Reflect on this short list of signs and symptoms

Do you use any of the list below to escape from reality with frequency; such as binge on Food. Coffee. Sweets. Cigarettes. Alcohol. Drugs, Porn or Sex?

  1. Have you ever tried to stop for a week but been unable to do so?
  2. Do you resent the advice of others who express concern about your substance use?
  3. Does it bother you that other people can indulge without having any side effects?
  4. Has your behaviour created problems with work, friends or family?
  5. Do you plan your life around your behaviour?
  6. Are you experiencing financial difficulty due to your behaviour?
  7. Do you go to that place or use your substance when you are disappointed, depressed or going through a difficult time?
  8. Has your sexual ability or desire suffered from your behaviour?
  9. Are you concerned that if you stop your behaviour you will have no fun or excitement in life?
  10. Have you ever stolen money or goods to support your habit?
  11. Do you have regrets or remorse about your behaviour?
  12. Do you really want to change?

How many questions did you answer yes to?

Whilst in this dark place it is impossible to have rationale thinking. But if you were to go deep down inside, and listen to your heart, you would know if you have a behavioural issue in relation to substance abuse or behaviour abuse.

Make the change for you today and do something about it now, while you can.

Crystals for Healing Addiction.

 Healing Crystals should never be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.

Crystals can help in this regard and, in this situation we need a full balance of our system and so a Chakra Bracelet or Necklace will be helpful. These are made of 7 different stones which are excellent for this situation. It assists a positive mind and intention is required and, of course, support.

In addition place a few Crystals under your pillow or by your bedside, as well as carrying on the body in tumbled or jewellery.



 Perfect for relieving the physical, emotional and psychological pain and great for protection; as well as transmuting and removing negative energy.

Lapis Lazuli

 Self- Discovery, Self-Honesty and Self- Control. Allowing you to trust yourself and in turn, trusting the Universal Energy and direction.

crystals for healing


 Releases toxins and purifies the physical body. Works to release guilt, obsessions, and promotes listening to inner truth and guidance; makes one aware of peer pressure. Peridot will assist in breaking self- destructive habits and patterns, and assist in making necessary changes for personal growth and well-being.


The stone of self-esteem and self-confidence which removes self- destructive tendencies. Citrine will allow you to accept constructive criticism without anger. Promoting joy by releasing negative thoughts.

Tigers Eye

Restoring present moment living; restoring strength, courage and vitality. Tigers Eye is the stone of change and allows us to accept things as they are and gives courage to make the changes necessary.


Dissolves ingrained emotional behavioural patterns that no longer serve your highest good, allowing you to break through self-induced unconscious self-sabotage. Garnet will hold you to the Earth and ground you through your process.

Each of these Crystals are suitable for the physical detox as well as the emotional balance.


I hope you found this helpful. If you would like any further information, please contact me.

Also areas to consider for help and support are Counselling and Hypnotherapy.

In terms of substance abuse, Salt Baths for Detoxification and Steam environments are detoxifying

– David Ellis


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David Ellis

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