How To Feel happier

Happiness is a result of feeling at one with life and totally stress-free. It is possible to bring in more happiness into our lives, even when our minds can tell us otherwise. Whether you are needing to be uplifted after a bad day or if you need some motivation to keep you going, I have prepared some tips on how to feel happier.

  1. Remember that life is short.

We need to make the most of our lives. Just like butterflies only live for two weeks, so too is our time on this planet brief.

  1. Do what you love.

This is key to happiness. Everything that you do is enhanced and more successful when we are doing work and projects that we love. When we enjoy what we do, our work flows and is very rewarding.

  1. Fake it till you make it.

We can trick our minds into feeling better simply by smiling. The act of smiling releases the feel-good hormone, serotonin into our bloodstream. This makes us feel a lot happier, so sometimes a smile is the reason for our joy.

  1. Reach out to someone.

When we give out positive energy to others, by sharing, listening or just being a friend, we also feel the good feeling of this action.

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  1. Trust in life.

Life is always good to us. We need to remember that life provides everything we need, from the basic nourishment to the deep inner needs of our emotional selves.

  1. Do something new.

Is there a hobby you always wanted to learn? This can be the perfect new outlet for your creativity. Do something new can be rewarding and exciting and elevate your happiness levels.

  1. Don’t try to Try

Birds don’t try to fly, they just fly”  by Depak Chopra

  1. Don’t feel you must fit in.

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken” Oscar Wilde. Being ourselves is so important to feel happier. We are all different and uniquely wonderful in our own way.

How to feel happier in an unhappy world

There is something foreboding in the air globally. A sense of unease and uncertainty hangs over us. Our safety and our future feels uncertain. It seems each time we open the newspaper, switch on the radio or even read our social media feeds, we are hit with waves of negativity from incidents around the world. What is the solution to all this fear? How can we protect ourselves from the negativity around us? Never fear, here is some advice on how to stay strong and even keep a happy outlook during tough times.

1.    Talk to the older generations.

Take a moment to listen to those who have lived through the Second World War. Hear the stories of using rations to buy food and the uncertainty of when the war would be over. If that generation could survive with a limited supply of food and a surplus of fear, then so can we. We can tell that what did not kill these survivors made them stronger and wiser.

2.    Tune out:

From time to time, we can switch off the news feed. We can instead become more connected to our friends, family and neighbours. Spending quality time with loved ones is a wonderful way to take our minds off the occurrences in the news.

3.    Have fun!

Sometimes it is a really good idea to do something we loved to do as a child. For example, we could visit a park, go to the movies to see a child’s film or have a day at an amusement park. Our inner child knows how to have a great time!

4.    Have some Me time

A weekend away or some time to ourselves is important to re-fuel when the world gets us down. Remember the wise words of Harpo Marx: “When the world gets you down, stand on your head.” We need to put ourselves first so that we can recharge our batteries and live life to the full.

5.    Leave a legacy

This is our time. We only have one shot of this life, and it is indeed short. So what message would you like to give to the future generations? What attitude would you like to emulate? How will you inspire others to be the best that they can be?


How can we feel happier

The first step to feeling happier is acceptance. Acceptance firstly of who we are and that its ok to be you. Exactly as you are is fine, not what you think people think you are. Follow all the advice above and if you want to make changes in your life then prepare for the journey. However before you start any journey accept who you are to start with.



I hope these tips help you on your way to feeling better, happier and more fulfilled in life. Watch this space for more practical advice and tips! If there is any other topic you would like covered, be sure to contact uswith your requests!




“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing”

David Ellis

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