Meditation and the Subconscious Mind

In my earlier days as a busy businessman,  I was incredibly stressed, it was suggested to me to attend a meditation group, so  I went to the meditation class and sat through the process, before I realised, this was not for me. The teacher wanted the group to simply follow our breath and allow our mind to go quiet. All that was in my head when I was told that, was to grab this woman and explain that it was not inherent in me to make my mind go quiet!.  As time went on, I began to learn that there are actually many ways to learn how to do meditation. The path I had chosen just was not the one for me. I realised that it was NOT about making the mind go quiet, it’ was about connecting to the subconscious mind. That’s when the penny dropped for me and I realised that it’s not about quieting the conscious mind. It’s actually about getting the conscious mind to stop censoring so that the subconscious mind can open.

The Subconscious Mind

How do you do open your subconscious mind?

You make your conscious mind busy; by giving it a task that’s not import and boring. The conscious mind censors everything that happens in our daily life, in other words, the conscious mind will decide if something that happened is important or relevant on in the case of trauma, it may decide to park that memory for now and come back to it later. By the same token, the subconscious mind is the recorder and reservoir of all that information. So our subconscious mind records everything, irrespective of the censor.  Therefore everything that happens is brought into the subconscious.

The subconscious mind doesn’t have anything to say as basically it is a recording device for everything that goes on. However, it is also where the programs are created, stored and executed. (I have discussed this in another article) Our conscious mind is the manager of everything. It’s the censor.

The conscious mind does not want us to relax, or meditate because also in residence within the conscious mind lives the ego and the ego doesn’t want us to go activating the subconscious mind at all as in the subconscious mind resides everything that we are. There’s going to be stuff in there that the ego doesn’t want to come out.

The Ego

The ego lives in perpetual fear that it’s going to be annihilated and in reality we actually need the ego to transverse the planet, as the ego is the projection of self, or rather the projection of what WE think other people see about us.

So when we want to quiet the conscious mind, we can busy it by giving it a task to do that has no purpose like a task focussed on the breath. Now if the teacher, earlier had explained that the reason why we were doing a task focussed on the breath was to keep the mind busy so we could open up our subconscious mind. There really would have been a learning in that, but just to tell someone to focus on the breath isn’t sufficient as the ego mind is saying, sod this, I’m not doing this, this is nonsense.

I run classes in meditation where I use the technique of guided meditation, this creates the environment for the conscious mind to listen to what is being said, censor what’s happening and then realise there is nothing of importance to censor, so it stops censoring. When the censoring stops, that is when the subconscious mind is open to all possibilities and potentialities.

In that gap of all possibilities, where past, present and future are all one, we can connect with the matrix of Universal consciousness. Connect with our Source.

David Ellis


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David Ellis

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