Depression – The suppression of Self and our Divinity.

When we live our lives incongruity, in other words, not living in harmony with our truth or pretending to be someone else to fit in, we invite depression into our sphere of consciousness, because depression is the unavoidable side effect of not living your truth and being who you really are.
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The fear of Equality based on our Shame. 

What does equality mean?
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Honour and Integrity among Light Workers.  

What does the above the statement really mean?. 
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Power of our Thoughts. 

Power of our Thoughts And How They Impact Others 

Pay attention to how powerful our words we are. We use our words to communicate Love, Hate, Judgement, Encouragement, Gratitude and Disapproval. We speak our word aloud and on that sound vibration carries an energy of intent. 
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Lack of Self Truth and Self Expression results in Depression

Most of us live interesting complex lives without even realising what we are doing. We mask our own self expression 
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Today’s dark side of Halloween. 

The Dark Side of Halloween

In the time of Halloween, we hear and talk about monsters, ghosts, vampires and witches. It’s a fun time for kids as they go about trick or treating, they don’t see the relevance of the celebration. Or the energy associated with the time.  The dark side of halloween. 
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For parents with children who may be gay. 

How different is my gay child to my straight child? How do you deal with a gay teens.
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Confusion about sexual orientation for young people. 

At adolescence, which can occur from 10 to 14, and there are no ages set in stone, young people begin to become sexual and sexually attracted to others. These changes occur due to hormonal changes in mind and body so just thinking about someone that you might find attractive can cause physical arousal. That attraction may be same sex or opposite sex and there is no harm in either. Does our sexual orientation define us a person 
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The Subconscious Mind

In a Conversation with David based on the subject of stress. Along with  the techniques involved to alleviate and relax the state of anxiety. David touched on the subconscious mind and the conscious mind when he related:
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How to Persevere When You Feel Like Quitting

How can you continue with a project when you really, really, REALLY don’t want to? If you have been disillusioned with work for a while, you may lose interest or motivation to keep going. We begin our projects with the best intentions and then sometimes our project comes to a halt. When we notice that a project is not going how we wished, how can we avoid giving up? Here are some tips to keep you going with your projects.


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“If I have no Honour or Integrity, then I have nothing”

David Ellis

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